About Me

(and what a Health Coach does)

Nutrition & Health Coach
Well College Global
International College of Nutrition & Health Coaching
* Accredited Certificate Of Nutrition
* Psychology, Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Mgt
* Wellbeing Mgt & Health Coaching Practices
* Foundations of Physical & Mental Health
*Food Groups & Dietary Diversity
* Nutrition for Optimal Health
* Meal & Menu Planning
* Childhood Nutrition
* Fully insured member of  IICT
* ART Certified (Advanced Resuscitation Techniques) & First Aid trained (through Surf Lifesaving NSW)
***Currently, I am furthering my studies doing an Advanced Diploma of  Integrative Nutritional Therapeutics at
Nature Care College


My Story
(and what a Health Coach does)

Hello....and welcome to nourish, nurture & nature!

To feel and look your best, you need to nourish your body, nurture your soul & get your body moving, preferably outdoors.

Over the past 11 years, I have come from being someone who never really gave much thought to what I ate or drank and how it affected me, to someone who is now passionate, and mind blown, about how much it really does influence our everyday health and well-being. My son was the catalyst, after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the age of 7. 


Since then, I have gone on to study nutrition and health coaching and have learnt that there is so much we can do to prevent disease & maintain or improve our health, simply by what we put into (and do with) our bodies.

So what does a health coach do?

Firstly, it is about nourishing, not punishing, our body!

A health coaching program is a holistic program designed by both the coach and client and looks at all aspects of health ie. nutrition, lifestyle, exercise etc. Importantly, a non-diet approach is encouraged, which allows for long-term and sustainable lifestyle changes where needed. 

As your health coach, I will:

* help you discover, clarify & align you with your goals

* encourage self-discovery and therefore reduce dependencies

* help you self-generate solutions and strategies

* help you to focus on priorities in order to gain more  productive results

* provide support

* hold you accountable

* support you all the way

My focus shall be on you, your goals, and how you can best accomplish them. I will ask you questions, listen to your responses, challenge you, offer options and choices, provide encouragement, and hold you accountable in order to help you remain in alignment with your goals.

Nourish, Nurture & Nature can help you develop a healthy relationship with food, suggest simple ways to fit some 'me time' into your day and get your body moving a little bit more.


The smallest changes can make a huge difference, and I'd love to help you make that difference!

** For more information on the services I provide, please go to the Services page.

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